Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Antique White Sideboard

I drove all the way down to New Haven to get this antique sideboard. There were chairs and a dining table too, but my real motivating factor for the two hour round trip was this beautiful piece. I don't often paint things all white (I like to do a wood surface on tops when I can) and I don't often do distressing, but I had a vision for this sideboard before I even saw it in person. I knew that I wanted to do just this with it, and it's quite satisfying to see the vision come to life :). It weighs a ton and has not been fun to haul in and out of the workshop, but it's so elegant and grand!
Before and afters below!


  1. A beautiful piece! You know, I've done a lot of colors, but white always sells the fastest!

  2. Thank you Andrea, and Isn't it the truth! I like to do pieces in bold colors, but for craiglist, white and black are choice. With this piece, I think white was the best paint color anyway because of it's scale. The white paint a used here has the very faintest blush undertone, which warms it up. :)

  3. Stunning makeover. Love the color! I would be delighted for you to join Potpourri Friday, in progress!