Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An antique dining set

Ok- get ready! I've just taken a bunch of photographs of my completed projects, and before they get listed on craigslist I'll do some postings with before and after pictures. The first of the projects was the gorgeous antique dining set. The table is solid chestnut and quite early, probably about 1840. The assembled dining chairs are all around 100 years old. I painted the base of the dining table and the chairs a soft antique white. The top of the table had seen quite a bit of action over the years, and needs to be refinished. I sanded it, stained it, and sealed it so it will be ready for another 170years of service.
It was definitely a fun project to work on and I hope it finds a good home!


  1. You did a good job! I really like your chairs too!

  2. Hi there! I'm very interested in purchasing this set...feel free to email me at samanthadglazier@gmail.com or phone at 8605582025.