Monday, July 9, 2012

New Acquisitions and projects

Sorry there have been so few posts lately about my projects and new finds. I lost my camera last week (it may very well be buried somewhere in my work shop). Not a real tragedy though, it was a pretty crappy camera that we picked up from target last summer during our honeymoon. I went out yesterday and picked out a new awesome amazing camera that I'm super excited about. This is my first post with it- I hope the pictures are crisp, because I can tell you, it is waaaay easier to use. I've found some cool items in the last few days. A gorgeous industrial rolling cart that I'm going to use in my Autumn decor, two dining tables, and some really fun small items and a gorgeous antique white shelf that I'm keeping for myself. The pictures are below, as well as a couple other pictures...since I was having a pretty good time with my new camera :)
Two dining set projects in process. One is vintage, from Denmark, and possibly teak. The other is newer- maybe about 20 years old, and solid oak.

Yea- that's gonna turn out pretty amazing.

halfway through sanding this one, and I have to sand the leaf.

My new shelf!! I'm going to put it in my dining room for the fall (I think). It was taken out of a 19th century house, but the shelf is c.1900-1930. I adore it. I'm toying with putting a beadboard back on it to make it a little more free-standing. I got it at a tag sale for $20!

I actually got this last week but hadn't been able to photograph it yet. Isn't it beautiful!! I'll hammer out some of the dents and then work it into the fall decor.

Another shot- so industrial and cool!

I got this c. 1850 pencil sketch of a child at the flea market- I'm going to frame it. 

A sketchbook study of the face and eyes- I think this is incredibly cool. 

This is an 18th century engraving from a book. I think it's just perfect for fall. Very creepy and spooky,

Another corkscrew to add to my collection. This is a nice early one. ($1)!!!

My new garden that I put in along the stone wall last month. I think it's coming along well!

The cottage gardens around the back are going crazy. They're going to need to be cut back next spring.

I snagged this little antique tin box for $4 at the flea market yesterday. Will fit right in with the schoolhouse theme

Such a wonderful shade of green and a great patina!!

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