Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Set of White Shelves

On my way back from the flea market on Sunday morning I came across a little antique shop that was clearing out their inventory by having an impromptu tag sale. Sitting right near the road was the most perfect antique white shelf. I simply could not drive by it. They wanted $30 for the shelf, but I talked them down to $20. What a score! I'm going to put it in my dining room for fall. It will fit perfectly, and being that it dates to about 1900-1920, it fully suits the style of my house. I think it was permanent shelving that had been removed from a kitchen or pantry, it still has the cut out notches on the back lowest board to fit over molding. I'm thinking of adding a piece of antique bead board to the back, just to make it a bit more useful. The shelf matches an antique cupboard from the same period that I have in my dining room already. I can't wait to see the together! I'm going to wait until September 1st, when I switch over to my fall decor, to put it in. Until then I'll be storing it upstairs. Included is also a picture of the AMAZING antique piano sign that my parents just found for me. Come fall, it's going to be hanging over the shelf.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but my husband is a pianist and piano teacher- so this sign has special significance for us. And, of course, I absolutely love antique signs.

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