Monday, April 2, 2012

19th century Island

last fall I purchased two 19th century sideboards. They had great lines, fabulous wood, and were just begging for a second chance. I couldn't resist. One of them has already been re-done and found a new home as a sleek black sideboard see my post here. I knew the second one was destined to be an island, and I finally got around to it in the last two weeks. I love working on quality antique furniture, it's so satisfying, and they just don't make them like they used to. I sanded the top, which is beautiful- it's a wood I'm not familiar with, possibly chestnut. The case was painted my favorite cotton whisper (creamy white) and then waxed for durability. It still had its original ornate brass drawer pulls- so that's a plus. I added feet to give it a better workspace height (35 inches). All in all- a very fun project, one of my favorite to date.
Before and after pics below!
with the drawers out, during sanding

I love the scrolled columns on the side. So much character.

it's amazing what white paint will do! The shelf is made from salvaged barn boards.

Unlike modern furniture, this one is solid wood on the back, instead of that cheesy particle board cardboard junk that makes up half a dresser these days. Not only is it solid wood, it's paneled *drool*. I added the architectural element at the top to support the overhand.

look at that top! that's five coats of high gloss poly on a beautiful antique wood surface. It does not get any prettier, or any smoother. The trick is to thoroughly sand with 220 grit sand paper between each coat.

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