Friday, April 13, 2012

A console table before and after

A few years ago I got a really pretty console table off craigslist. I was immediately attracted to its color (soft dove gray) and its beautiful lines. First I put it on my sunporch, and then moved it upstairs to hold our tv in the master bedroom. I was vaguely intending to put a stone or marble top on it, but that never came to fruition. Last week I met with a client who was looking for a tv console and this one had just the style she was looking for. About two months ago I found an awesome early 19th century rustic tall chest that just spoke to me- it will be replacing the tv console in the bedroom once the upstairs renovations are complete. So the dove gray console needed a new home anyway.
When I began working on console I realized that the top board would not sand down and stain up the way I wanted it to, so I put an antique barn board top on it. Can we talk about how much I love working with barn board??? It NEVER disappoints! I painted the case my favorite soft white (cotton whisper), and used two 19th century brass drawer pulls that I salvaged from some dresser drawers that were beyond repair. I wish I had better 'after' pictures, but I didn't get a chance before it sold.
also pictured is the 19th century chest that we'll be using in our bedroom soon. I've added feet so it's got much better height and a finished look.
before- and with nothing wrong with it, it just needed a new fresh look.

with the antique brasses and barn board top. It gives it so much more 'oomph'

right, so I know this looks rough, but trust me- it's sooooo pretty now with the new feet, and in person the surface is soft and worn and interesting. It's one of my favorite pieces I've gotten in a while.

and I should mention, I have all the drawer pulls re-attached, so it's fully functional.

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