Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pacing myself

This is the first tagsale season where I've really been purchasing with the intent to refinish and sell (rather than to keep for myself). I was unprepared for how abundant the pickings would be, and this is really just the very sparse start of the season. After months and months of endless hours and big prices to get inventory to refinish, I've been a bit like a kid in a candy shop these past two weeks. I'll admit it, I over bought, over indulged, but It's just so hard to walk past good furniture for good prices. Now I feel like I'm really under the gun trying to get projects complete so I can have a bit more space (the furniture has overflowed from my basement up onto the back of my driveway). Luckily, it hasn't rained in weeks, so the furniture's pretty safe at the moment. Here's what I picked up this past weekend. Not pictured is an absolutely amazing 19th century solid oak farm table, which is going to get it's own post, and an early 20th century library table which I'm going to gently refinish and use as my dining table.
As soon as I complete some projects (I've got five going at once right now) I'll post some before and after pics. As always, let me know if you like anything that you'd like custom re-done!
I know these look a bit rough around the edges, but it's nothing some fresh paint can't fix. And we'll need to get rid of those robot drawer pulls. They take the cake as the ugliest pulls I have yet encountered.

My mom picked this up for me months ago in Maine. Luckily, it's an exact match to the oak tall chest I got last week. I've refinished them to be a set.

Sometimes at the flea market I'll see pieces that stop me dead in my tracks. This desk and the little shelf below were standing together in one of the first booths I stopped at. The lines are amazing. I wanted to keep it for myself, but couldn't find a place in my house. Look at the carved molding around the apron, so lovely!

This cute little shelf I plan to keep. It was $10. If i didn't hate the color red, I would have left the chippy paint. I've painted it black and plan to put it in our master bathroom once it's finished. Perfect for holding soaps and lotions and such.

Great little maple coffee table, side table set. I'll probably paint the bodies white and do the tops in a dark walnut.

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