Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Acquisitions

Well today was the big day. First Flea Market of the Season! Which, by the way, should really be a national holiday. All week the weather had been pointing to rain, but the Gods took pity on me, and it stayed dry. There were only about a quarter of the usual vendors there, but I didn't walk away empty handed! I got this amazing solid cherry antique dining table (look at those lines!) SWOON. Judging by the label I think it dates to c. 1910-1930. It didn't come cheap, but I simply could not leave without it. So much potential. And this set of bone white dinner ware. We currently have a terrible mishmash of various colored plates and I decided I wanted everything to be white. I love stacks of white dishes, so fresh and pretty. So this is the start of that collection. I want at least 10 more plates and six more bowls. But getting there. I'm going to refinish the table. I've actually already started sanding it and the top is stunning. This table's gonna be a showstopper when I'm through with it!

1 comment:

  1. I come across that style of dinnerware now and again, but never that many pieces. And that table is gorgeous! Congrats on your finds!

    I have several dishes, some match, some don't (which I like), but I also decided some time back that I wanted a lot of white. All food looks good on white. I've never come across enough vintage stuff to buy, so I have to admit that my full set of white dinnerware is from IKEA.

    Had a hard time with the double identity feature...That thing can be such a pain. lol