Friday, April 13, 2012

New acquisitions and A great house call

I love this feeling, when I have more projects upcoming than I can possibly finish in a week. An inventory full of potential. I met a lady on Sunday at the flea market who was selling a great antique solid oak tall chest. She lives in the next town over from me, and mentioned that she has lots more furniture, so on Tuesday I dropped by to see what else she had. This was one of those house calls when I pushed the holding capacity of my pickup to its limits. When you have a mountain of furniture in your truck bed, it aways reminds me of tetris. ("where can I fit this chair without it falling out the back??"). I scored a matching set of five antique oak chairs- I LOVE the style, two shield back side chairs that I'm going to reupholster, three awesome funky bar stools, and a cute antique oak side table. Pictures below. If you see anything you like and want custom refinished, don't hesitate to let me know! Also, don't forget that if you click on the pictures, you can see a larger version.
this is already almost done. I've painted the body white and sanded and stained the top. It's very pretty.

My husband doesn't believe this is salvageable, but I beg to differ. It just needs sanding, paint, and a little TLC to be a great little table.

it always blows my mind that people paint furniture like this. In no time, no era, no style, was this ugly cutesy floral nonsense acceptable.

Tell me that's not awesome. A fleet of antique oak school house chairs. Love love love.

painted white and with new soft upholstery these are going to be fresh and swedish and fabulous.

 I'm debating whether to paint these gloss black or bright white- Really I'd love to do them in a bright bold color custom for someone. 

this is what I managed to fit in my truck. Boy do I adore my yellow ford ranger. It is soooo essential for this business.

Good truck, job well done :)

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  1. Hi there. I LOVE those antique school chairs. I just dove into a project for my home and those chairs would be perfect. I'm refinishing a beautiful dining room table (pine not oak) that needed a little TLC. I've been combing through Craig's list for weeks and I saw your pieces and blog. Have you thought about perhaps selling the chairs as is? Please email me at . My name is Amanda and I'm a working mom of 2 young boys. My hubby is a stay at home dad without even a teensy bit of carpenter in him. lol. I decided that if I want a beautiful home I'm going to have to find neglected pieces and fix them up. New furniture is too expensive and too bland. lol.