Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A pair of antique oak dressers

Sometimes things are just drawn together. This was definitely the case with this pair of antique oak dressers. The wide low one was picked up by my mom in Saco, Maine and I found the tall one at the flea market a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that they were found more than a hundred miles apart, they make the perfect pair. The oak matches perfectly and they have an identical serpentine shaped top. I painted them both a soft antique white to set off the stunning antique oak tops (which were sanded, stained and poly'd). The effect is so wonderful. I really want to sell them as a set, they could instantly transform a bedroom into a wonderful cottage retreat. Before and afters below!
someone had painted the tall one the world's ugliest brown!

the wide one was in great shape, but just needed freshening up!

ta daa!!

There are few things as beautiful as antique oak


  1. I LOVE these. This is my plan for the dressers in our bedroom. How much of a nightmare was it to sand the tops?

  2. Hi Stephanie- thanks for the post. Really it wasn't bad at all to sand them. I'd say about an hour each? Just remember to wear a ventilator when sanding (even outdoors) because who knows what kind of chemicals are in those old finishes!

  3. Ah, good point! Thanks for the tip!