Friday, May 8, 2015

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Along with original artwork, Heir and Space now offers painted antique and vintage mirrors in some of our most popular colors and finishes. Mirrors can be shipped or picked up on site. Feel free to email me at for a shipping quote or to arrange purchase. New mirrors will be added to the inventory weekly, and you can view our entire selection of wall decor on the new Art and Mirrors tab at the top of the blog!

Early 20th century round mirror. Painted gilt gesso over wood in custom mixed pale green. 
Diameter - 30.5"

Solid Mahogany Federal Mirror from 1948 painted in a pale blue, distressed and waxed.
Height - 47", width - 24"

Early 20th century Art Deco mirror, gesso over wood painted in 'Blushing Rose'
Height - 27", Width - 14"

Antique early 20th century arched top mirror, painted wood.
Height - 31", Width - 18.5"

Antique early 20th century carved mirror in pale gray
Height - 32.5", Width - 30" 

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