Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Mahogany Bed in Soft Blue

This bed came from a gorgeous home in Durham, Connecticut along with a few other wonderful pieces. It dates to 1948, and is mahogany, Colonial Revival. It just so happened that I had a client looking for a full bed the day after I snagged this beauty. He loved it and we decided to go with a soft quiet blue to create a peaceful haven in his guest room. The color is custom mixed and called Foggy Dawn. I wanted to capture the most glorious moment when you wake up and the windows are open, it's cool out and there's a soft breeze. You open your eyes to the faintest hue of pale gray light on the horizon, glance at the clock to see its 5:34 in the morning, and roll over for a couple more hours of peaceful slumber. I love that feeling :-)

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