Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

We're in the height of the flea market and tag sale season now, and my workshop is bursting with furniture and projects! I can't help myself though, so when I see a good deal, I buy more More MORE! I picked up some cute smalls from Past to Present Collectibles in Niantic, CT last wednesday, and then scored a load of stuff at the Memorial Day flea market on Sunday.  My favorite thing is an antique mahogany drop leaf table with the grouchiest jelly label affixed to the side. I can show you the jelly label and the underside of the table, but you'll have to wait to see the topside while I re-attach top to frame.
Hope your summer is off to a spectacular start!!

The jelly label reads, " Mahog. Dining Table , given me by my mother. To be sold, after my death for not less than $225.00. M. T. Russell" It cracks me up because I'd guess the label is from about 1920-1940. $225 was a lot of money back then. I paid $40 for it.... Sorry M. Russell!!

It's a lovely table with fluted legs and a stunning top, here's her belly. 

I purchased this original oil on canvas of chicks at the flea market. I'm kicking myself because there was an accompanying painting of roosters and hens but someone else had already bought it. If anyone knows who bought that painting from the Mansfield Flea market this past weekend, I would very much like to buy it from them.

My very favorite artist, Adam Brown, was at the flea market as well. I hadn't seen him in a couple years so I was so excited to see him unloading glorious impressionist oil paintings from his car on Sunday. I bought two large ones to add to my collection of his work. I think I have about ten now. He's brilliantly talented. 

Another oil painting by Adam Brown. I'll be putting both over the bookcase in the upstairs hall, where most of my painting collection resides. 

Just a sweet little stoneware bowl to add to the collection. I didn't yet have one in a nice buttercream color. 

A set of four antique bentwood dining chairs. I have held on to two bentwood armchairs since last fall. I'll pair them with this lot to make a complete set of six. 

A nice antique Autumnal oil painting that I bought from Josh at Past to Present Collectibles for a ridiculously good price. Thanks Josh!

I bought this pair of solid cherry night stands at a tag sale I saw on the way to the flea market. They're filthy but should clean up nicely. 

I've been looking for a set of four cherry Queen Anne dining chairs for myself for several months now. I finally found this set at a tagsale and snapped them up. I'll be painting them the palest celery green.

And finally a ceramic rooster and a brass Koi, because, why not!

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