Monday, May 4, 2015

A Cottage Trio

I custom refinished this sweet little group for one of my favorite clients. He doesn't shy away from bold and bright colors, so I get to paint pretty antiques in beautiful hues for him.

The rocking chair is from about 1930, and came down in his family. The paint was chipping badly and the seat had seen some long term water exposure that resulted in discoloration. I sanded the seat to reveal the pretty figured maple, and painted the rest of the chair in my personal favorite color: Shire Green. The antique mahogany drum table came from an estate down near the shore in Eastern Connecticut. I'd half heartedly started it months ago but lost interest and moved on to other projects. The drop leaf table came from auction about a month ago. Fun thing about the drop leaf, which I'd date to about 1865; it was once used by a pattern maker. The top is criss crossed with straight serrated marks created by the toothed wheel the pattern maker would have used to create the paper cut outs. I've seen identical marks once before, on a long harvest table when I worked at Liverant Antiques.

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