Monday, May 4, 2015

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

For all the misery winter put us through this year, the spring is turning out to be absolutely stellar. Right now we're at the front end of a run of deliciously warm weather. Yesterday it was almost 80, today it will be almost 80. I'm beside myself with happiness. This is my favorite favorite time of year. Everything is in bloom, all the trees have that fluffy green look that comes just before leaves, and since I don't have allergies, I can revel in this glory to its full extent.
      Needless to say it was perfect flea market weather yesterday. I went out to the Mansfield Flea Market with my friend Victoria and we both scored some treasures. The place was jam packed with vendors and buyers and it took all my self control not to buy evvvverything. I'm trying to save a little bit for Brimfield next week! I've also included pictures of some of the things I got two weeks ago at the flea market, as I believe I forgot to show you those!

I spotted this vintage oil on canvas from the very top corner peeking out of a pick up truck, before the gal even had a chance to unload it. I bought it on the spot. Dogwood blossoms!

I got this dapper gent two weeks ago. I'm sorry to say I bought him for his frame.

Three pieces of antique and vintage willow ware.

A nice vintage lidded stoneware bowl in creamy yellow.

A superb early 20th century sign.

This adorable mirror. So long and narrow and perfect for a spot on my sunporch. 

A set of sweet and delicate plates with a fig leaf pattern faded in an interesting and alluring way.

And a horrible frou frou folding screen which I will be completely refinishing before it comes in our house. Ew just look at those yucky tacky roses. 

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