Friday, May 15, 2015

May 2015 Brimfield

Yesterday was an absolutely superb day for a flea market. It was sunny and cool to start but warmed pleasantly by the afternoon. I was apparently not the only person who thought it would be the best day to hit up the tri-annual Brimfield flea market, as it was shoulder to shoulder through most of the aisles. Though it's wonderful to see so many people out supporting vintage and antique vendors, my goodness the press was a little much for me, and I bowed out early, around 2pm.
       That being said, I got a good early start and spent something like five hours wandering blissfully around the maze of stalls admiring all the beautiful things for sale. I photographed anything that caught my eye be it lovely, bizarre, unique, or spectacular.... and sometimes all four at once.
So here's what I saw:

I really liked the form on this late 19th century chest.

Nice stack of vintage and antique boxes.

There were soooooo many vintage oil paintings at the show this year, it made my head spin.

Adorably saucy vintage cocktail dress.

A nice watercolor of Portland Head Light.

Sweet pair of antique paint decorated chairs.

This funky carved iguana. Seemed like just the sort of thing my little sister Erin would like.

A cute little ceramic rabbit.

Nice form on this antique Sheraton fancy chair.

I love these old spool cabinets.

Handsome and petite antique trunk.

A very fine set of four antique oak dining chairs.

All the color and movement in this antique landscape caught my eye.

And how adorable and sassy is this little guy!

A hoopskirt. 

A wonderful antique cupboard. It was only $75!!
I was very tempted but in the end decided I had nowhere in my house for it.

Fantastic crow. 

I absolutely adored the bottle green color of this antique chair. 

Stunning antique hotel sign.

I'm such a sucker for antique velvet upholstery. 

Nice early tourist trade sign with sand paint. 

I liked the distressing on this refinished cupboard. The painter did a good job. 

Another spool cabinet, even better than the first one. 

And how beautiful is this antique secretary!

A very nice antique drop leaf table. 

Oh I do love antique 'antiques' signs

A pretty blue vase.

A white washed antique secretary. Made me think naughty thoughts about painting my secretary!

And finally, this. Which is the best thing ever. 

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  1. I would not have been able to leave that crow behind!