Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Color Crush: Butterscotch and Copper

I imagine these are both typically considered autumn colors, as they exude warmth that we don't often associate with the spring season. This makes them all the more unexpected and refreshing, though.
 I love the way butterscotch can function as a neutral, but add just a hint more color than you get with a khaki or tan. Copper is the under appreciated and forgotten cousin of the metals family. It's a shame because it is so gorgeous, a muted metal without the coolness of nickel or silver, and a touch more sophistication than brass or gold (in my humble opinion).

I am such a sucker for early 20th century stoneware. LOVE the colors of these. I'd fill them with bath salts and line them up on a shelf in my bathroom.

And speaking of bathrooms- when we add our bathtub to the master bathroom, it will need to be copper, I've decided. 

Love this collection of yellow-ware against the cream interior of the wall of cupboards. 

This tufted yellow leather day bed is beyond elegant. I would love to score something like this for the upstairs of the guest house. 

I can only have cross body purses because I lack all hand-eye coordination, but this oversized clutch would be fabulous for one of you more sure-footed gals. 

Everything about this bathroom is terrific. The patina on the copper and zinc tub, the old wood floors, and the casual but surprising arrangement of industrial lights make it ultra chic. 

This tufted butterscotch yellow armchair is irresistible. 

The shape and size of this vintage cupboard make it perfect for a hallway or entryway, the butterscotch yellow adds just the right amount of kick. 

A stunning kitchen here that effortlessly combines an amazing array of materials all in one space. 

Such a fantastic use of color in this little office space. 

I need this. NEED. 

I also NEED a collection of vintage copper containers for my kitchen.
They're getting added to the treasure hunting list immediately. 

The little pops of copper all around this kitchen tie the entire space together perfectly. 

How gorgeous would this brocade blazer be for spring!

And finally, no gourmet kitchen is complete without a stack of copper pots. These vintage ones are apparently from the Waldorf Astoria, an impressive pedigree for cookware! 

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