Monday, March 3, 2014

Rustic, Industrial, Elegant

      The flea market starts in less than three weeks. You have no idea how excited I am- I'm practically bouncing in my seat! One of the things I love the most about the flea market is that it is a veritable feast for the eyes and the imagination. I always come away feeling fresh inspiration all but brimming over. The flea market is rough and tumble. Lots and lots of the stuff is, at first glance, junk- and thank goodness for that. This is not a place for people who want their design thoughts spoon fed to them. This is the place where, if you think completely outside the box, you never know what you'll find.
        I aspire to that eyes wide open thinking when I decorate my house as well. Sometimes it's easy to get shut in a corner, stuck in a very specific design thread where all must match etc etc.  I think homeowners try too hard to achieve perfection. This can be utterly stifling for a home and it's occupants. Embrace imperfection, make room for eccentricity, remember that none of this is permanent, and speaking as a gal who swapped out her dining set FOUR TIMES last year, experiment a bit- change is refreshing and fun.
       Here are some beautiful spaces that embody that free spirited decorating. They're rustic and textured, industrial and fascinating. I encourage you all to go out this season and select at least one unexpected 'found' object to incorporate into your home. That's your homework.
Everything about this picture is spot on. The DIY bench made from palettes and industrial wheels is super cool. Also- I love the antique sorting basket hung as art on the wall. 

The vintage rustic shipping crate had humble origins, but it looks fabulous as a side table when partnered with a terrific leather club chair. 

I love how these antique crates add an unexpected punch of yellow. I see wire baskets like the one on the bench all the time at the market for under $10. The bench is unassuming and sophisticated. 

Salvaged driftwood makes for a seriously bold statement mirror in this room. 

I had to include this rustic kitchen island because #1 I love this room! and #2 it reminds me so much of the one I completed in January, that was originally a workbench.

See how similar!
I've got two antique folding chairs just like those in the guest house as we speak. All the vintage furnishings come together so nicely in this space. 

Who says rustic can't be glamorous! This ancient table is wonderfully warped and all the more beautiful for it. Paired with an antique footed bowl and an over the top chandelier the dining space is ever so elegant. 

If you've got a backyard you should have an outdoor eating space. I've got an old trestle table that I'll be converting into an indoor/outdoor feasting table in about a week or so. I bet you could find a huge batch of matching chairs like this at a restaurant surplus store. 

This light wins for best light ever. So fun!

This room is such a fabulous mix of rustic and industrial. The worn leather armchair is superb. The table is outstanding. Also love the huge antique frame casually leaned against the wall in the background. 

A faded vintage sofa, a pile of old lampshades. Put together, add a dose of imagination- magic!

The warmth of old wood is a welcome addition to any space, any style. 

And finally, how great is this gigantic antique workbench turned kitchen island. Utterly chic! 

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