Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bunnies, Birds, Lambs, and Bees

Though it was ten degrees when I woke up this morning, I swear I can hear birdsong that sounds distinctly 'spring-like'. The clocks also change on Saturday night, and that extra hour of sun in the evening makes everything feel more Springy. This time of year I always want to fill my house with the fauna of Spring, well not the actual animals, the motifs of them. Here are some pretty birds, bees, lambs, and bunnies. Just think, in a month things will be blooming. We're almost there!

This is an antique still bank, but it might as well be a piece of sculpture, it's so handsome. 

A wonderful rustic pillow with stripes and a bold, graphic image of a bee skep in the center

You can pick up vintage and antique prints of birds for fairly cheap. It really wouldn't be that hard to do a whole wall in prints like this. The effect is lovely.

Love these sweet little lambs. They'd be adorable on a window sill.

A fantastic antique folk art hooked rug with rabbits and hearts. Perfect to hang on the wall as art.

A simple round mirror with adorable bird perched atop. Also, that looks like a lemon tree in the foreground. 

A fantastic antique bee skep on a wonderful little chippy table. I really would like to snag a bee skep in this upcoming antiquing season.

Also on my to-buy list this season will be an antique bird cage. I'm digging this whimsical example!

This bee print pillow is super fun and sure to add a little zip to a couch!

You see a lot of bird prints on the market. Bee prints are less common. This one is gorgeous.

Soooo much color and movement in this spectacular 18th century print. Delicious. 

A superb collection of bee skeps on vividly green grass in front of a white barn. I can't wait til our grass turns green again. Actually, I'd even settle for the snow melting enough so we can see the grass. It's been almost a month since we've seen grass in Connecticut. 

This loose, casual bird sketch captures all the charm of our feathered friends. 

Another terrific example of a bird cage. I like the small gauge chicken wire with the sea foam green paint on the frame. Very pretty!

And finally, how beautiful is this pair of antique rabbit bookends!

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