Friday, March 7, 2014

Green is My Favorite Color

I've never made a secret of it- I believe the color green to be far superior to all others. It's been my favorite color for ages, since I was a little kid. These days, the fondness manifests itself in my decor choices; i.e. I cannot resist green objects and furniture, and most of our house is done in various shades of light green. Since St. Patrick's day is fast approaching I thought it was an appropriate time to share with you some of my favorite green things and some pretty green rooms. Happy Friday!

Don't you love the the green subway tile backsplash in this cheerful kitchen!

Everything in this room is gorgeous. The green velvet settee is to die for, as is the wall papered with botanical prints. 

When we re-paint our house this Spring, I will campaign heavily to paint our door green. I like the shade of this one.

Herringbone floors, an antique green claw foot tub, a fireplace, soaring ceilings- This bathroom has everything!

The vintage hanging cupboard here is adorable. Also, I think we all need a box dedicated specifically to cakes.

The shade of this little cupboard, somewhere between teal and mint, feels so fresh and pretty.

This is one of the most beautiful dining spaces I've ever seen. 

The deep deep emerald green of the couch is picked up by the vase on the table and the artwork in the next room.
The effect is so spectacular!

Doesn't this look like the perfect place to eat breakfast in the morning!

My light green c.1850 empire table that I refinished just before Christmas.

A couple green bottles I picked up the last time I was out antiquing with mom

I adore this cheeky pair of sauce bowls. They're on a shelf in my dining room now.

The vintage mahogany sideboard that I refinished to be a TV console for our master bedroom.

One of my very favorite paintings in my collection. Soooo many wonderful shades of green!

Proof positive that you don't need lots of stuff to make a beautiful room. The architecture in this palatial space is really the star of the show.

I would fight you for this chair. This chair is beyond awesome.

Green gets a sultry look in this moody sitting room. 

Love this spring shade of olive, especially when paired with crisp whites.

Ironstone and bells of Ireland look impossibly chic on a Spring themed mantel here.

And finally my wonderful green velvet chair that I picked up on New Year's Day this year. 

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