Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Highlight Tour from the Connecticut Spring Show

Ok, first off, I apologize for the low quality of these pictures. I took them with my rather crappy iPhone 3. I wanted to get to the show early to take pictures with my real camera, but the flea market was before the show and I had to devote my full attention to that. So here are some less than spectacular pictures, but I think the objects are good enough to speak for themselves.
These 19th century architectural ornaments were spectacular.

A stunning hooked rug from 1881 and a terrific trade sign!

This giant zinc key is a 19th century locksmith's trade sign.

That sign along the wall says "Painters and Decorators" So so cool.

Wouldn't this cheerful yellow table be great in a country kitchen.

A fabulous banner weathervane with central spinning component. 

carved 19th century sheep, so sculptural and beautiful. 

This bit of 18th century crewel work embroidery came from a skirt border. Isn't it lovely!

More amazing architectural elements.

I really want to get some of these antique blue green glass storage jars this year.

This is called a 'confidence decoy' meant to attract birds flying high above it. It was taller than me!

A super folky painted tin wall sconce.

I'd love to get a decorative wrought iron row of hooks like this one for my kitchen!

More glass storage jars- such a saturated hue on these.

My favorite thing on the floor. Oh how I wish I had enough in my piggy bank to buy this antique sign for the studio.

A magnificent and HUUUGE hooked rug.

With two great lanterns and a long narrow bench below.

And finally, a wonderful horse and sulky weathervane of the finest form. 

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