Friday, February 7, 2014

Vintage Mixing Bowls and Antique Bell Jars

These two things are only related in that I find both utterly irresistible. I have a fairly substantial collection of vintage and antique mixing bowls, but not a single bell jar. Those will be high on my 'must buy' list when the season starts up again. I'd love to collect them until I get a graduated set in all different colors. What are you planning to start collecting when Spring comes around again?
An entire batch of gorgeous bell jars here. I love every single one of them!

This vintage McCoy mixing bowl is sweet as can be.

Here's a wonderful collection of antique mixing bowls in a variety of earth tones. Very Pretty!

I know the two in front are not mixing bowls- But that little one in the back center is one of the favorite little bowls. 

I picked up these two bowls after a particularly pleasant morning of tag saling last summer.

I got this mixing bowl from the flea market two years ago. It's got the most out stand iridescent pearly green color.

Another of my favorites from my collection- this one is the perfect size to hold chips or popcorn when entertaining. 

And I like to scramble eggs in this little bowl that I snagged at the flea market.

Ahhhh. I just love this bell jar, and it looks so wonderful with the terra cotta piece behind it. 

I didn't even know these bell jars came in amethyst! I must get one somehow!

A beautiful pair of antique bell jars look stunning here. 

I got these two antique bowls during a little antique shop expedition I did with my Mom on Christmas Eve.

For a while this cupboard stood in my dining room and held a few of my bowls

How lovely is this little vignette. 

And finally a great pair of vintage bowls in cheery shades of yellow and sea foam here


  1. I love vintage mixing bowls! I only have a couple bowls, but would love to find more pieces. I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame!

  2. I love your antique mixing bowls, especially the one you use for popcorn. Green is my color, for sure. I've thought about collecting that (earthenware?) style of bowl before, but the prices in my area are fairly high, so I never have. Still thinking about it though!