Friday, February 14, 2014

Decorating with Graphic Art, Posters, and Prints

       The guest house/music studio project is certainly all-consuming at the moment. One upside, it's a fun opportunity to try out some different styles in an interior. The main house is decidedly French Country. In the guest house we're going for a more masculine, art deco, jazz lounge-y vibe. There will not be a lot of free wall space upstairs or down, since my husband plans to hang many guitars on the walls. This means that every piece of artwork that goes on the wall has to be very very special.
       I knew as soon as we started planning the space that I wanted to hang something bolder and more graphic than the impressionist landscapes I gravitate towards in the house. Vintage and modern posters and prints fit that bill precisely. By divine serendipity, I happened upon the insanely talented Irish illustrator, Matthew Griffin. His work is exactly what I dreamed of. You can check it all out on his website I've already snagged two of his delightful pieces, and hope to get a handful more in the near future. Here are the two that I choose, which will hang side by side over the upright piano in the downstairs.

Engine Running
Check it out here!

Wake Up
Check it out here!

And then here's a bunch more of his work that I just love. 

These first two are just deliciously eerie and fascinating:

Dawn Giant
Check it out here!
Winter Giant
Check it out here!

This one's also so fantastic, toeing that fine line between haunting and beautiful. Love!
Check it out here!

 There's a whole group of whimsical and fanciful pieces that are by Ignatius Fitzpatrick, his alter ego. Here's the website for this body of work

I will almost certainly need to get this one too!
The Hobbit
Check it out here!

The Arriviste
Check it out here!

The Illustrator
Check it out here

Decorating with these wonderful graphic pieces could not be easier. They fit with so many different styles and add a fantastic punch of color to any space. My own bit of advice- work with a good framer to have your print mounted and framed. It's worth the extra money to have a good frame job!

This mid-century modern office space gets a kick of cheer from a series of vintage Hawaiian travel posters 

I love the look of this casual sitting area. The oversized poster in the
 back adds some color to the otherwise slightly somber space. 

I adore this little vignette. Makes me really want an antique chippy paint sideboard too!

And how much sexier can you get than Sean Connery's James Bond giving you 'a look' from over the bar. 

A bright and sunny kitchen has a fun wine poster over the sink here

Here an entire wall has been turned into a fabulous gallery space to show off an admirable collection of graphic art. The different sizes and shapes of the pieces keep the wall from feeling too regimented. 

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