Friday, February 28, 2014

Color Crush: Eggplant

Connecticut is currently a monochromatic nightmare. The trees are bare and gray. The snow is dirty and gray. The roads are caked with dried salt...and so are gray. It's disheartening. I'm craving rich saturated colors to counteract the late winter blues. Right now eggplant feels fresh and exhilarating. It looks best when partnered with another deep hue like saffron yellow, or chartreuse, or if you're a little less wild, it's always nice with a neutral like cream and tan.
Just a hint of eggplant in this bright and pleasant living room. Also, I love the sculpture on the coffee table.

See what I mean about eggplant and saffron yellow? You'd think it would be way too intense, but the combination of colors is quite pleasing in this room

If you've got a big piece of furniture like this, you don't need to hide it with a muted color. Why not make it stand out with a lovely new paint job!

I'm definitely going to need to get myself an eggplant colored scarf, maybe this weekend. 

It's easy to over look doors when you're decorating a home.
 This one looks outstanding in a handsome eggplant purple. 

I love love this rug. So fun and unexpected!

This would be the perfect outfit for working at an antiques ahow. The tailored lines and dramatic neckline would be ultra flattering. 

Two of my favorite things in one picture- a stunning chesterfield leather settee and velvet curtains, which just happen to be a great shade of eggplant. So beautiful! 

This chair is beyond wonderful. Can you imagine a pair with a little side table as a breakfast nook in a bedroom suite!

A pair of these lamps would be so pretty on nightstands in a bedroom. 

Sultry and intriguing, this space proves that eggplant can go either masculine or feminine. 

This tote looks soft as butter. The combination of deep purple with light tan and the striped interior is gorgeous.

And finally, don't forget that appliances can be glamorous and not just utilitarian. Someday I want to upgrade our boring white fridge and oven. This beautiful stove with complimenting backsplash is especially striking! 

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