Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Acquisitions for a Chilly Saturday

          I did not sleep well last night. I know this is entirely due to the fact that I got a little 'Friday-Crazy' yesterday and drank and entire Diet Dr. Pepper around 2pm. Somehow I managed to haul my exhausted behind out of bed this morning to attend my first ever step class, which was laughably bad. Me in the step class was bad that is, the class itself was dandy, and taught by my friend Victoria.
So now I'm sipping coffee and taking it a little easy. Yesterday evening I went over to an art opening where my husband was playing piano. They have a small selection of antiques at the business too, and I snagged a few super cute vintage pieces. First, I got an adorable vintage glass measuring cup. It's so elegant it seems a shame to use it to measure! Also, the glass has the slightest hint of light green to it, and we all know how I love green. I also picked up a cute little inkwell in an interesting shade of gray. Finally, I got the most fantastic little set of cauliflower and lettuce shaped ceramic containers. They are simply to die for. I adore them. And they're too pretty to tuck away until next I entertain, so I've put them on display on my antique wrought iron corner shelf in the dining room. It felt good to do a little antiquing after such a long time. The flea market opens in a little over a month though, so that's something to look forward to!

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  1. Oh, you're coming back. If I have to come pick you up and drive you there myself. You have to try at least 2 more times, and then if it's still not your bag, I will relinquish you. ;-)

    And I love those little veggie ceramics! How did I miss those?! I was probably too focused on petting my new ceramic cat door stop.

  2. Pretty measuring cup! Love it. I think it would go better in MY green kitchen. Ha!