Friday, February 21, 2014

A Bunch of Little Things

Here we are at the cusp of what we affectionately call "mud season" in the Northeast. I actually don't mind mud season much. It's progress, a thaw, a big big step away from winter. Mud season is fine and dandy with me, except it's piss poor for furniture work. Cold damp air does not lend itself to painting, sanding, staining, or sealing. My hands are basically tied. I've got a nice classic Pennsylvania House dining set that I've been working away at that I hope to show you soon. In the mean time, you'll have to limp along with a series of unrelated but amusing pictures.

First, here's what it looks like outside at the moment

Gross, right?

So I decided to do a little antiquing and thrift shopping today. I drove almost an hour to the "Restore" store in Waterford. It was a waste of time, just insanely overpriced junk. Luckily, there's a rather pleasant new antiques mall on the drive back. I swung by there and got this gorgeous set of vintage wine glasses. I'm guessing they're about 50 years old, though glass has never been my area of expertise. I love the faceted lower half, and how they're all ever so slightly different. $28 for six. Not too shabby!

And I think they look quite lovely in my antique hanging cupboard

I'm currently using one of the wine glasses to enjoy a very nice dry white

And in unrelated news: Here's a bunch of plants I haven't managed to kill yet this winter:

The nice little succulent on my antique wrought iron shelf.

My wonderful ficus in the dining room.

My amaryllis which is growing at least an inch a day

One of my Meyer's Lemons which has yet to fruit.

My lime tree, which is fruiting nicely.

This giant fern.

Another fern and a miniature clementine in the guest room

And I couldn't resist forcing some forsythia. 

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