Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful Blossoms for Spring

      We had a bit of a thaw over the weekend. It did little to melt the two some odd feet of snow on the ground, but it certainly helped to lift spirits around here. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Spring is almost certainly right around the corner. Once the clocks change, it's the home stretch, AND the flea market opens in just under one month!
      So how to we spend these last few weeks of cruel winter? By pretending it's already Spring of course! What better way to celebrate Spring than with a healthy dose of florals.

I took this picture in my garden on Feb 28th 2012. It's hard to believe, really. No chance there's anything blooming in four days this year. 

This was taken last year on March 24th. I think that's a bit more realistic time frame.

I love love love this dress. It's vibrant and fun and looks like it would be super easy to wear.

I see these charming vintage paintings all the time at the flea market for under $20. You could easily put together a whole gallery wall of them like this.

The perfect dress to wear to a wedding or bridal shower!
I thought long and hard about buying this bedspread from Urban Outfitters. I eventually decided it would be too much pattern in the master bedroom. It's beautiful though.

This vintage velvet settee that I picked up off craigslist last year dictates the color scheme in our master bedroom. It is the most wonderful place in the world to sit with a good book and a glass of wine. 

Here's another great gallery wall of vintage flower paintings. I really like this look

This Gucci scarf is spectacular. It's on my wish list, but at $796, it will remain on my wish list indefinitely. 

Not for the faint of heart, combining florals and patterns can be tricky, but this room is flawlessly executed.  

Hey Mom, when you finally finish my crewel work bed spread (how's that going by the way?), I want you to make me a pair of crewel work throw pillows just like these. Thanks!!

This bergere is sooooo pretty. It would be grand in a rustic neutral room as the only pop of color and pattern. 

Are you a mid/mod type? You can still do florals for Spring! Look how welcoming and fun this space is!

Lovely antique hooked rug that I snagged at the flea market for $5. LOL can't wait for the flea market to start again!

Beautiful 19th century theorem painting my parents gave me for Christmas last year. I loved it so much that I hung it up before the bedroom walls were even painted!

Another flea market painting. I bought this from the artists grandson as I recall. I think it was around $10.
 I know I've showed it to you before but it's one of my very very favorite pieces of art. 

Pretty vases adorned with yellow iris and butterflies. This is in my kitchen now. 

I picked this painting up while antiquing with my mom just before christmas. It's on the mantel now.

I painted these a few winters ago when I was really longing for Spring. I can't find them now. hmmmm.

Ugh, I just love this space. The floors, radiator cover, big high windows and arched ceiling!
And of course, the sofa is stunning. 

And another beautiful and quite cheeky sofa. The space is beautiful, though the placement of the chandelier for the photo shoot is beyond absurd. 


  1. The crewel bedspread is on the home stretch--thank goodness! Having a litter of Border collie puppies trying to grab it off my lap as I work has added to the challenge. I think it should be done before your crocuses bloom. I will happily teach you how to make your own pillows!!

  2. The butterfly and iris pitcher reminds me a lot of the set of dishes with the animals and insects that you had on the blog last summer...

  3. So pretty. Love the vintage painted flowers in a collection. Where is the flea market that you go too? I live in CT, and would like to visit it one day. Thank you!