Monday, February 3, 2014

A New Bed- Frenchy Style

Do you sense a pattern. I'm running headlong down the French country road these days. No regrets. We've upgraded our bed to a vintage French Art Deco one that I'm insanely in love with. As you recall I posted on Thursday that I wanted a new antique bed with a curved footboard. I sent a silent prayer to the Goddess of craigslist and she favored me with good luck. I bought a new, totally drool worthy, bed that night. There are the before pics. It's now already painted and installed. I'll share some 'after' pics soon!

head board

goooorgeous curved footboard. I patched all the veneer chips with wood putty before sanding and painting the piece. 

I adore the details of the foot and the lovely antique casters. 

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