Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top Picks from the Skinner Americana Auction

Oh do I love a good Americana Auction. Sometimes I just like to re-read years old catalogs, just to enjoy all the beautiful things. Skinner has a stellar auction coming up on March 2nd. Do yourself a favor and get a hot cup of coffee, find a cozy chair, and peruse the entire thing here . It will be time well spent as Skinner never disappoints. I spent a couple very enjoyable hours yesterday afternoon doing just that, as the snow piled up outside, and I callously ignored my snow shoveling duties. Here are some of my favorites. What caught your eye in the catalog?
(I should mention I'm not affiliated with Skinner in any way- just a fan)
My love for antiques began with collecting 19th century clothing. The detail in this painting, the bonnet, day cap, parasol, gloves, it's a feast for the eyes! 

A handsome curly maple settee that would look fantastic in any rustic or modern home. 

I love the warmth and saturation of this still life.

Beautiful band boxes in bold colors are always tempting. 

These diminutive weathervane forms are spectacular. Imagine them on the mantel for Christmas!

Burl bowls are always lovely, but the ovoid shape of this one makes it especially wonderful. 

I love the whimsical folky form of this mirror. It would add instant charm to an entryway. 

A stunning folk art carved watch hutch.

I loooove this mirror. So elegant and understated. 

It's amazing that something so restrained and minimalist was made in the 19th century. This little painting is waaay ahead of its time. A true treasure!

This 19th century house portrait is outstanding and irresistible. 

I love fire buckets as a rule. 18th century ones are far more rare and important than their 19th century counterparts. 

This bright and cheerful watercolor is out of this world. Easily one of my favorite things in the sale!

If I had children, I would likely trade them for this sofa. This is one of the reasons I shouldn't have children...but I should have this sofa. It's even my favorite color. Love!

This box is so special and unique. Bits of early 19th century fabric have been pasted all over it to give it that bold design. So wonderful!

A very detailed mourning picture.

 A sweet marriage fraktur. This would make a terrific wedding or engagement gift.

Another absolutely wonderful mourning picture.

This 18th century weathervane stopped me in my tracks!

And how can you resist this sweetly naive painting of a cat. Adorable!


  1. You would trade your kids for that sofa - hilarious honesty!!

  2. I am a huge fan of many of these antiques! Thankful you shared these. : ) The second mirror (is it gilded?) reminds me of my early 19th century historical museum days. I am really loving the first mirror you showed with the darling picture underneath it.