Monday, June 10, 2013

Kate Loves Weathervanes

It's true. I love weathervanes. I love them so much that I hardly ever see one that I don't think is fantastic. Up until recently, sadly, it was love from afar. Weathervanes, especially antique ones, are widely recognized as extremely collectible and valuable. It's hard to get one for less than $500 new or antique, and the best antique ones can go for between $5,000 and $500,000.
         I got one hell of a deal yesterday. I was at the flea market within moments of it opening and one of the first booths I came to had two antique weathervanes- one brass, the other more traditional copper. You never see brass ones, and for the price the guy was asking, it was a no-brainer. Speaking of being brainless, I actually did not buy the other weathervane right away. I have no idea why. Luckily, when I came to my senses, it was still there. What I love about that one is that it has incredible verdigris. The directionals are still attached, and it stands on its own (no base needed). The larger copper weathervane was still attached to its original fence post with old white paint on the post, and very rusted nails attaching it. I removed it from its base, and it now sits proudly on my mantle. I want to get a stand for the brass one as well. Both arrow weathervanes came from the same house which was being dismantled. I have no doubt that they are antique- probably about 1890-1920.
       Also pictured is my other new weathervane, a rooster, which my parents purchased on my behalf a few weeks ago and will give me the next time I see them. Is it not also breathtakingly beautiful!!! It's such a charming form, and the coloration is fabulous. I believe it is also antique, probably about 1900-1930. It came off a barn in Northern Maine. I'm going to put it on my mantle on the other side. Just looking at these pictures makes me grin from ear to ear. I've been pretend-collecting weathervanes for years now without ever getting a chance to actually own one, and now within the space of a month I own three!!!
Copper arrow weathervane, still attached to fence post.

Antique brass weathervane with second tail.

copper weathervane on my mantle

Antique copper rooster weathervane. 

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  1. So, Kate, how much did you weathervane cost? Just super curious?