Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Acquisitions

I did something quite uncharacteristic this morning- I skipped the flea market. I know- it's a beautiful day and it was probably a big market, but I was just so tired, and I've got a pretty good back log of furniture, so I decided to allow myself the extra hour and a half of sleep instead. I hit the tagsales pretty hard yesterday morning though, so I've got some new things to show you!
This trestle table may not look like much now, but I'm using it as the starting point to create a cool rustic minimalist harvest table. The table is vintage, teak, and marked on the underside "made in the USSR". I've never worked on a piece of soviet furniture before. The table is built like a rock. Incredibly sturdy, which was what makes it such a great candidate for a makeover. 

The top of the table is intact, and in nice shape, but just a little ho-hum.

I really like the mid century modern lines of the table. They'll balance the rustic elements of the new top nicely.

This fabulous desk is four feet long, solid maple, made by Ethan Allen. It's going to be getting a barn board top, new drawer pulls, and I'll be painting it a pretty gray/blue. The best part? It was already sanded when I bought it!

I couldn't resist this stunning pair of candelabra. They're so uncompromisingly glamorous. I'm not sure if I'll keep them in the silver finish or maybe re-paint them in a black lacquer.
AND look at that pretty pine they're sitting on. Just a little sneak peak at the teak trestle table's new look!

A close up of the elegant lines

I'm not a smoker, and neither is my husband, but one of our best friends is- so I thought it couldn't hurt to have a classy as hell ashtray for him to enjoy when he visits. I think the ashtray and stand probably date to the 1950s or 60s.
 I love all things wrought iron, and blue green glass holds a special place in my heart, so I simply had to purchase this groovy piece. 

It needs a good scrubbing, but you can get a sense of how pretty the glass bowl is. 

super funky wrought iron base. 


  1. I can't tell how big it is from the pictures but that would make a cool bird bath!

  2. Hah! That's what my mom said too! I should move it away from my door and use it as a birdbath!