Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Library Inspired Style

When I was a kid my mom became a children's librarian. During high school I spent many happy afternoons sitting in the library where she worked, deeply immersed in some book or another ( Harry Potter more often than not). Probably because of this I've always been very fond of libraries. There's something distinctive about the hush of a library and the smell of all those books. I've always liked the style of libraries too- solid oak card catalogs, long antique reading tables, collections of interesting antique oak chairs. I'm thinking I'd like to get a vintage card catalog for my indoor porch. Here are some other library inspired designs.
This antique office chair has been reinvented with back gloss paint and a lovely painted moth on the top. So Chic!

Long library tables like this make the perfect spot to do homework or work on crafts. And with a room like, how could you not be inspired to create something beautiful!

The art deco lines and gorgeous aged surface on this chair make it beautiful and interesting.

Card catalogs are the coolest storage pieces around.
 Think of all the clever little collections you could store in each drawer.

The old painted surface on this long reading table is so pretty.

Who would ever think to put an industrial storage unit like this in an elegant bathroom! It works so well though. The gunmetal color blends perfectly with the fresh white- and look at that spectacular leather armchair in the background!

A nice vintage card catalog adds whimsy to a traditional hallway.

An entire collection of fascinating industrial antiques here including a large and spectacular card catalog. I would put every single one of these objects in my house!

Vintage style reigns supreme in this old school loft space. The flat file storage unit is incredibly neat.

The rich warm patina of this little card catalog looks smashing next to the leather sofa. It was probably once a tabletop unit, but with some bold casters, it's become and incredibly hip side table.

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