Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Acquisitions

Yesterday was town wide tagsale day in my town. It's my favorite holiday of the year. The last two years we've had poor weather, which really put a damper on things, but yesterday it was beautiful out.
I thought you'd like to see my spoils from hitting up about 30 garage sales in three hours, and then the flea market this morning.
a whole driveway full of fun. Sorry the lighting is all wonky.

This was $10. Can we agree it is the most epic fireplace screen ever? You ask "Why Dolphins?" To that I say- Because- Dolphins rock.

Here it is in front of my fireplace. Though you can't really see it. Trust me, it looks magnificent there.

I picked up this beautiful cedar chest. 100% cedar on the inside- all mahogany on the outside. I've always wanted to re-do a cedar chest!

picked up this pretty antique mirror for $5

full paint cans for $2 each!!!

We needed spindles for the bannister at the top of our stairs. 

I just couldn't walk by the fantastic antique icebox.

love the art deco style hardware on it

Yay for a new saw for only $25!

This cute little coffee table will look great with a barn board top.

This antique footstool probably dates to the 1920s. It's now in my pantry- because some of our pantry shelves are wicked high and I can never reach them. In fact, before my husband proposed he hid my engagement ring on the top shelf of the pantry because he knew I'd never look up there.

Scored this sweet little antique white shelf for $5

A matched set of six antique mahogany ribbon back chairs.

nice antique pine tall chest on casters. Wouldn't this be fun painted in a bright color and distressed!

I got this antique topiary sculpture for $2 today at the flea market.
It will look great as a piece if sculpture on a tabletop.

I have a mirror obsession. It's a problem. I don't even know where I'll put this one! It's big and vintage and beveled and so so stylish. At $10 from my favorite vendor, I couldn't say no!

I loooooove this antique wrought iron shelf. It's about as tall as I am and weighs a ton. I bought it from the same vendor at the flea market that sold me the little wrought iron garden sculpture above. Only $18!!!

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