Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wine Racks and Wine Cellars

 I'm not a beer drinker, and mixed drinks can be too fussy to make on a whim, so wine's my drink of choice at home. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy sipping a nice crisp glass of white wine while refinishing furniture, I love the way my wine bottles look in the rack in the kitchen. They add color, and catch the light in such interesting ways. I have two really pretty wrought iron racks that I found at the flea market two years ago for $4 for the pair. I only use one because it hold 9 bottles, and that seems like plenty, but I hang onto the other rack because I'm so fond of it. Here's a picture of my wine rack, and some other beautiful wine racks. Someday I have dreams to build a workshop on my property, thereby freeing up my cellar to be a functional space once more (its currently packed with furniture). We have a pretty big cellar and I'd like to make a guitar repair workshop for my husband in one space, and a wine cellar and tasting room in the other area. So here are some pretty wine tasting rooms and wine cellars as well.
This is a stunning antique riddling rack. I wouldn't mind having a couple of these.

Pottery Barn's been on the riddling rack train for a while now. These wall mounted ones are particularly handsome.

Such a stunning wine room. Look at the stained glass windows- they're wine bottle bottoms!

A simple but elegant wine rack. The antique seltzer bottles add addition interest and character.

When I own a castle I'll totally have a room just like this.

Everything about this kitchen space is so effortlessly charming.  The home made wall mounted rack is  beautiful, and that antique kitchen island makes my knees weak.

A fabulous rustic kitchen complete with an antique wine rack in the background.

There's a guy in my town who makes wine racks that look like these from old bar board. The contrast of the rough rustic wood with the fresh clean lines of the wine glasses and bottles is particularly attractive. 

Eggplant can be such a wonderful hue on walls and decor was used with restraint. What a very cool wine room in the background. 

Here's my little wine rack in my sunny kitchen.

I love the modern look of this tasting space- Nice and clean and bright.

 I adore this kitchen and the idea of leaning the riddling rack against the wall on the kitchen counter is very cool.

This is a beautiful space. I like the pairing the of table the riddling rack with the bistro table. 

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