Sunday, June 2, 2013

Colorful Kitchen Islands

Sometime in the neverland future when I have free time, I'd like to give my kitchen a little facelift. For the past few years our cabinets have been a buttercream color, with a matching kitchen island. I think I'd like to paint my cabinets a brighter white, paint my walls a cream color, and I'm really thinking about painting my island in a fun color like emerald green. Kitchens tend to lean towards the neutral palette, and a brightly colored island is a great way to experiment with colors.
Here is a veritable rainbow of cool kitchen islands for your Sunday enjoyment-

The warmth of the red adds richness to this upgraded country kitchen

This persimmon colored island has so much zip and personality. Truly a beautiful space.

Every time I see one of these antique store counters turned kitchen islands I covet them. I'm fond of my island, but if one of these came my way and wasn't $1000, it would be hard to say no.

The beadboard, vintage style light fixtures, and open shelves make this kitchen feel like
the world's fanciest farmhouse. The lemon yellow on the island balances the cool tones of the soapstone perfectly.

I'm really into this kitchen island. It's so innovative and quirky. It was an interesting piece that had potential, so someone hiked it ip about 10 inches, added bold casters, and a delicious rustic top with overhang. This is exactly the color and finish I'd want for my kitchen island. 

Another beautiful emerald green island in a white kitchen. The green really pops against all the natural wood tones. 

A bright and cheerful kitchen with a handsome island in a fabulous shade of green here.

This lime green island is a wonderful mix of modern and natural. The color is intense, but the marble top and rich deep wood floors help keep it grounded.

A fantastic way to add color in a small kitchen. You can snag little tables like this fairly readily, and with a fresh coat of paint, you've got a very high end look.

I think everyone has one of these antique oak dressers sitting around. With a coat of blue paint, this one has become an incredibly fresh and unique island. Want to make it feel right at home in the kitchen? Add a marble or butcher block top, handy hooks, and a towel bar!

A lovely saturated shade of sky blue on this island is an unexpected and delightful touch in what appears to be a pretty stock kitchen.

I didn't think I'd find any examples of purple kitchen islands, but my search yielded two that I just love. This one has built in baskets, a great wood top, and is absolutely perfect for this charming rustic kitchen.

A fantastic plum color adds life and vibrancy, and just a bit of humor to this stunning country kitchen. 

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