Friday, September 28, 2012

The Long and Winding...Hallway

I've never lived (as an adult) in a house that had a hallway. All the apartments I had pre-homeownership were pretty modest. In the downstairs of my bungalow, one room just flows into another, not a single hallway to speak of. The idea of decorating a hallway is a new and (no lie) thrilling prospect to me. When we finally finish our upstairs we'll have this wonderful wide long hallway that leads through most of the space. The landing from the stairs will open into it, the bathroom, guest room, and master bedroom will all have doors off of it. This hallway is going to be super duper the question is, How does one successfully decorate a long hallway.
Here are some inspiration pics I've found, various styles, various looks, but all very attractive.
Do you have a hallway? How do you have it decorated??
First off, I'm such a sucker for a moravian star lamp. I really want one for my pantry. I love the color of the front door, the color of the bentwood bench, and the wonderful patina of the floors. A beautiful hallway.

There is a good chance my hallway will get decorated with antique signs. Maybe not this many, but I would love the excuse to collect more! Also, this storage piece is fantastic.

A simple color scheme keeps this art collection from being overwhelming.

My hardwood floors will be painted, and the door arrangement here is pretty similar to what my hall will look like. I love it all decorated for the holidays. Very pretty.

Arched ceilings, a round window, exposed beams, built in bookcases. This hallway is jam packed with architectural interest!

Why not go bold! This black and white color scheme is stunning, and brave.

Why not feature a large piece of art in the hallway. I also love the long orange bench.

A fabulous collection of antique group portraits adds a classic edge to this space.

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