Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tiger Oak Dining Set

Phew! Sorry for the blog break. I've been working on sooo much furniture, and I was a bit under the weather on Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, that means I didn't have a chance to go to any tagsales, or the flea market, so I don't have any new acquisitions to show you. I do have this beautiful tiger oak dining set to show you though. I just finished it on Friday, and it's already in a new home. The chairs are painted Behr's linen. The top was sanded, stained a mix of English and red chestnut, and then sealed.
Before and after's below!
And incase you're wondering what I've been up to, I'm completing the following items that should be available in the next two or three days
Six chair farmhouse dining set
An antique small red dresser/sideboard with a barn board top
An antique small green dresser with original cut glass drawer pulls
A solid tiger oak mission partner's desk
Hope you have a great week!
The chairs with a different table.

And I had a fifth chair that wasn't part of the set but suited it so perfectly. Toni the cat agrees.

The table base. Sorry about the quality of the pic. I took it with my cell phone camera.

Just fantastic feet. The entire time I was painting the base I was sooooo tempted to paint the toenails bright red.

The table top, sanded but not yet stained.

Tadaa! And I have to say, the couple that took this set home was so nice!

Pretty right? I love how the red tones of the table top pop against the white chairs and base.

Yummy tiger oak. 


  1. Great job, no easy feat! I like a lot!

  2. Love it! Actually working on doing the same thing with our dining room set! This looks fabulous!