Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Matching Maple Tall Dresser and Low Dresser, and the Complete set

Ok so, here are the last two pieces of the solid rock maple set. They are a stunning matched pair tall dresser and low dresser. Painted in a cottage style in the soft linen white, this pair would be so perfect in a farmhouse bedroom! The tops are stained the same warm tone as the rest of the set. I love how the red undertones of the top contrast with the crispness of the linen white. So universally handsome, and perfect for a variety of decor styles, and the changing seasons. These are also available, and of course, I wanted to show you pictures of the whole set together, because aren't they fabulous!!!
Oh and there's a picture of me too, cause I was feeling just a bit smug after finishing the entire set yesterday evening. And no, that is not what I typically wear to refinish furniture.


  1. Those are such classic dressers, they look great painted white!

  2. THe dressers turned out awesome but I love the styleing of the last photo! Too cute

  3. Thank you so much. It's always a challenge to decide what color to paint dressers. I figured since it was such a large set, classic white was a safe bet :)

  4. Anonymous10/07/2012

    How much are these pieces for sale for?

  5. Lovin the white...always classic.