Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Decor for the Cottage

The new decor has actually been up for about three weeks now, but I was waiting until the official start of fall to show you. Are you ready for fall? Scarf? Hot Apple Cider? Riding Boots? Yes, ok good. I love fall. I'm ready to go sweater shopping. And also, because I'm a bit nuts, I'm already planning my holiday decor. We're going to go with a natural theme, lots of raw wood, fresh herbs, paperwhites, and light green. I'm getting ahead of myself tough. So here's the fall decor. As you may recall, I went with a vintage school house theme. This is, without question, the most color I've ever had in my house all at once. I like it. Very bright and cheerful, and it's been a big hit with the piano students. Did I ever mention that my husband is a piano teacher, and we have a steady stream of about 50 students coming through our little cottage every week? It's really really nice to have a captive audience for my decor changes :)
I should also preface this by saying, I'm no photographer, and I can't figure out for the life of me how the gals on other blogs get their pictures to look so darn pretty. You'll just have to  take my word for it that it's better in person.
Happy Friday!

The two bar stools pictured have already been replaced with a different pair painted a cream color.

I've had this big clock four years now, got it at a TJMAXX sample sale. I picked up the antique sign at the New Hampshire Antique Dealers Show in Manchester this summer for $40.

The enchanted consignments sign was a gift from my parents last Christmas. The antique UConn pennant was also a gift. I picked up the antique group marching band portrait at the flea market last summer for $5.

This giant "Antiques' sign was my birthday gift to myself this year. I picked it up from a huge antique store on the Cape. 

I love my cabinets. They're the only set the house has ever had, probably date to the late 1930s or early 1940s. Before that, the house didn't have cabinets, just a pantry, and probably a hosier.

My husband and I installed the pine floors two winters ago. It took one day and cost way under $1000. I love them.

My dining room table with the assorted collection of school house chairs. I've added one more to the collection since I took this picture. I haven't yet painted the armchair cream like the others, not sure if I'm going to or not.

My parents found the Ivers and Pond piano sign over the summer. Ivers and Pond was one of the best know piano brands until about 1930. This sign likely hung in a large piano store, not outdoors. I'd wager it dates to the 1920s-30s.


we have the ugliest ceilings in our house. They're horrible acoustical tile made of some sort of foam. I'll just have to live with them though, it would be such a nightmare to replace them.

The antique ladder is from Brimfield a couple years ago. The farmed prints are from the Mansfield flea market. The crate holding magazines is from Brimfield in July. I've got a huge collection of pillows covered in vintage grain sacks.

Vintage (Swiss?) shield sign from the Mansfield flea market. I want to say it was around $10. The little box was also from the flea market and was $4 or so.

The mantel arrangement is still a work in progress.


left side of the front porch.

right side of the front porch.

I got two sets of these great folding chairs from an old old abandoned Masonic meeting house last fall.  And there are a few more of my feed sack pillows. The chalkboard is an authentic antique.

Antique oak desk chair that I got at a tag sale this summer for $5. The rag rug hanging on it is also vintage.

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