Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Acquisitions

So of the things I listed last week, I only have a dining set left, which I think will be picked up this evening. I've been working steadily on new projects, and should have two kitchen islands, two dining sets, and a sideboard available by next Monday. I'll certainly keep you all posted, and put up the pictures as soon as the projects are complete. The tag sales on Saturday were only so-so, but the flea market, and another tag sale on Sunday were much more lucrative. Here's some of my new finds!
I scored a pair of solid oak swivel bar stools for $8. The ones I had in my kitchen weren't very well made and had started to fall apart. I'm going to paint these a nice crisp white.

I got this huge woven art piece/basket at the flea market. It's about 36" in diameter. I don't have a spot for it currently, I don't need it, but I just loved it and couldn't leave it behind!

This sweet little antique zinc box is only about 6" tall. It's perfect for my schoolhouse decor, and at only $4- the price was irresistible! 

I love the mottled surface and the big industrial hinges. I wonder what it was originally meant to hold? I haven't decided what I'm going to put in it, or where I'm going to keep it.

I got this gorgeous antique trestle table at a flea market in the town where I work. It's all handmade, done by one of the big wigs in town about 65 years ago. He built it so he and his buddies could play poker at it. I've already sanded the top and am going to paint the legs light green. It will serve as my desk once the upstairs guest room is done.

I'm kind of sad that we sanded it- look at all that beautiful patina!

I got this huge antique oak dresser at the same tag sale. It has drawers, but they're out because I've already started working to turn it into a kitchen island. It's just the perfect size.

And with that paneled back and a barn board top, it will be beautiful form all angles. Should be ready my monday!

I've had this piece for a while (it also has drawers that aren't in at the moment) and it's lived in various spots in my house. I no longer need it, so I'm either going to turn it into another kitchen island or a sideboard. Let me know if you're interested!

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