Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Gallery Clock

I've been looking for a large vintage gallery clock for a loooong time. It's something that's been on my want list for ages. Most of the clocks I saw (and I didn't see many) we quite pricey, and that's not my style. I'm glad I waited though. I snatched up an absolutely fabulous vintage clock at the flea market this weekend for $10 (talked the guy down from $15 lol). It's got a nice wooden octagonal frame, chippy black paint, and is about 17" in diameter. It's perfect for my schoolhouse decor, and because it's such a classic style, it will transition nicely into the next seasons decor as well. I really adore it- and it works! Hurray!
Here are some pictures of my clock, and some other great gallery clocks.
Here it is set up with my fall decor on the porch. I'm going to hang about 10 inches higher on the wall, but I haven't gotten around to it yet, so it's just leaning at the moment

Here's a giant rustic clock adding a little texture to a white on white kitchen

The minimalist approach, which suits the rustic space well.

Pottery barn was all about clocks this past sprig. Doesn't mine look like the one that's right in the center? I actually like mine better *smug smile* and they're clocks were not vintage and cost about $250 each. 

Love this room. Huge Beatles poster, great chunky dining table, a tremendous collection of clocks, and the coolest chairs ever.

A giant tower clock is a bold statement piece, and blends well with the industrial chic vibe of this little dining area.

Love the giant clock, but the macrame chairs and light fixture are the stuff of nightmares!

Such a great use of an otherwise lost space. This clock gives the stair landing such a sense of presence. 

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