Thursday, September 20, 2012

Barn Board Love

Barn board is my very very favorite building material, and I try to integrate it into most of the pieces that I work on. I love the historic aspect of it, paying homage a bit to my love of Connecticut farmhouses. I love the depth and texture of it. Every single piece of barn board is different, takes the stain differently, has knots and old nail holes. It's so organic and tactile. I love how smooth it comes out. There's a softness to barn board that it earns over those many years out in the weather, a patina that you don't really lose even with sanding and staining. Barn board gives pieces a presence, a satisfying chunky rustic appeal that you can't cheat, fake, or mimic. So there you have it. I'm going out on Monday to buy another load of barn board. So we can all sleep soundly at night, knowing that there will be a steady stream of barn board furniture coming out of the Heir and Space shop. Next big barn board project? I want to create a coffee table and two side table set with barn board tops. I might try building them from scratch.
Here are some beautiful uses for barn board, and some pieces I've done as well. Hope you're enjoying this beautiful fall weather - I'm definitely going to get myself a hot apple cider this afternoon!
Barn board night stands. Gorgeous!

A wonderful barn board coffee table. It's so rustic.

Lovely vanity top.

You don't have to be a cabinet maker to enjoy barn board. Two barrels and some boards equals instant bar!

Wonderful barn board dining table of impressive proportions

The color and surface on these coffee tables is just delicious

Another really nice board vanity top.

Barn board dining table, this is going to its new home next week!

Barn board topped desk I did a while back.

Barn board topped sideboard, one of my favorites.

Barn board topped kitchen island.

Another barn board topped sideboard.

Barn board sideboard with a beachy feel. I love the raw unstained board here. Such a pretty color.

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    What do you do with the drawers (when you open up the dressers)?