Thursday, October 6, 2011

A mini desk

It's rained almost every weekend since July it seems. This is one of the reasons I am so looking forward to the tag sales and flea markets this weekend. The weather is, finally, supposed to be beautiful. Two weekends ago, when it was damp and unpleasant, I found this sweet little child's desk at a tag sale in Colchester. Probably dates to c. 1930-1940. Maple, and has its original factory tags on the back.
It was structurally sound, and just needed a new surface. I painted it the softest light green with a white interior. I think it turned out pretty cute! Great for a kids room, but really you could put it in a kitchen or entry way, or even use it as the coolest night stand ever in a guest room. So many possibilities! It's on the Hartford craigslist now- hasn't been bought yet, so this one could still be yours!
Before and Afters below~

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  1. However did you sand and work with the sliding cover?