Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kitchen Island Adventures

I love kitchen islands. Love love love them. I finally got to have my own kitchen island this past spring when we knocked down a wall in our 1923 bungalow to open up our kitchen from being barely a closet to a massive pine floored space. I actually bought an island before we had even installed the floors- I just couldn't wait. The island was cute, functional, and had wine storage (an added bonus!) but lacked imagination and wasn't vintage (unacceptable). About three months later I found an amazing sideboard on craigslist. I passed on it at first since I already had a kitchen island, but it literally haunted my dreams for several days and I finally bought it for $45. Luckily, I sold the other island for a tidy profit (it was the only way my husband would let me get the new one). I painted the sideboard the light creamy yellow of our kitchen cabinets, replaced the knobs with matching hardware, put beadboard panels on the sides and back (to finish the look), and installed a new butcher block countertop that matches my other counters, right over top of the sideboard. I love my island, it's perfect and cottage-y and one of a kind. But like all addicts, I'm always eyeing other ones. I have a 19th century dresser (or buffet-it's HUGE) in my workshop right now that I'm going to turn into a kitchen island and sell on craigslist.... Except that I really want to keep it for myself!
kitchen with island number one

and Island number two- and check out those bar stools. I got them for $5 each at at a tagsale!

I love it because the sideboard was probably from the 1920s, right around when my house was built.

Great chippy paint here!

Fabulous zinc top. I really need to learn how to put zinc tops on stuff

The turquoise color is so amazingly bold.

Awesome old countertop.

What a cool iron table

If I ever come across a wonderful long antique table like this,
either my dining room table or kitchen island is gone have to go!

Great use of a vintage dresser! so sassy.

Another old hardware counter with a new incredible zinc top. So beautiful.

         There are so many amazing and unique kitchen islands out there. Hardware store counters, work benches, sideboards and dressers, there is absolutely no excuse for buying a new one from a furniture store. Where's the fun in that! Here are some I've been admiring lately as well as my first and second kitchen islands (the first two). Enjoy!

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