Monday, October 17, 2011

A dresser with oomph!

I found this sweet little maple dresser at the flea market two weeks ago. It's a nice small size, and structurally sound, but just needed a little something extra. I thought about just painting it white to freshen it up, but then decided this little guy should be a show stopper! Lots and lots of sanding and staining, and painting, and re-staining where the painters tape failed me, and repainting where the stain dripped (i was being really perfectionist on this one)- and we have this fantastic little dresser that would look just as great in a kitchen or dining room as it would in a bedroom. It's one of the my favorite projects yet. What do you think?

cute, but blah!

So much flashier now! And I even painted the insides of the drawers white so it would look fresh inside and out!

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