Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas sneak peek

Are you ready? I'm ready. It's supposed to snow tomorrow. I'm listening to Christmas music right now. I've already got about 25% of my holiday shopping done, and Stop and Shop is now selling eggnog. It's time. And because I put A LOT of work into my Christmas decor, I like to put it up early so I can enjoy it a little longer. The husband objected to the fact that I will be putting it up on Nov. 1. I told him to consider it "holiday" rather than "Christmas" and so it encapsulates Thanksgiving as well. Because those pumpkins have to go the day after Halloween- they just feel tired.
Those who know me have seen the detailed schematics I draw up for my seasonal decor flips. The holiday one has been done since the first week of October. And it all starts with a theme.
        The theme this year is "Christmas in a Greenhouse" Lots of flowers, lots of boxwood garland, terra-cotta pots with rosemary topiaries, and green and white painted furniture. I am banishing both red and gold from my holiday decor this year. I only want fresh white and green. (Who knows, maybe I will do all red and gold next year). I like to mix it up. So here is some of my inspiration for the style. Next week I'll post the pictures (it won't be complete until the xmas trees go up at the end of November), of the new floor set. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
I adore a live topiary in a terracotta pot. So fresh and sweet. I've been saving my terra-cotta pots outside all summer and now they have a beautiful mossy patina. 

The use of vintage ironstone as a planter is simply brilliant. And the contrast of the stark white against the chipped painted stairs is lovely.

The blues and green here make me think of sea glass, and the tarnished silver adds warmth. You can get stunning vintage silver plated pieces at your local goodwill for under $5. 

The retro starburst here keeps the mantel from being too folky. I've had the same (beautiful) antique round wood mirror over my mantel for three years now...and I'm itching to put something new up there.

I know this isn't a Christmas picture- but it has just the feel I want for my Christmas decor-everything green and fresh and growing.

The swedish influence and milky wall color are perfect. This picture is from one of my favorite blogs Willow Decor- they're definitely worth checking out here

This tree has so much restraint and beauty- you can actually enjoy the tree for its natural beauty rather than just the gobs of stuff most get draped in.

This sums up the look completely. Boxwood wreath, spring green bow, antique dark wood .

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