Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've been busy

Yes, a bit busy this past weekend. I've been selling faster than I can come up with new furniture, so I've been working around the clock on furniture so I can get it up on craigslist. I really sincerely enjoy refurbishing furniture, so all the work is a good thing, but I amt always covered in the grime my hobby generates. Last night my husband looked at me over dinner and asked kindly, "So this is it then, you'll always be covered in paint from now on, won't you?". And yes, I was covered in paint, and varnish, and stain, and sawdust. Luckily, it all washes off with some scrubbing! Sooo- would you like to see what I've been working on? Here are a bunch of before and afters- the descriptions are in the captions. Enjoy!
This is a great little Queen Anne style 1940s chair that I found on the side of the road with what became my two kitchen chairs. It's solid, but obviously needed some paint and TLC.

Well one of our readers won the chair in the color of her choice for responding to a post. She choose Tiffany blue (awesome color) and I painted it up for her. Sweet right? 

just a little close up on the original pierced seat. 

This is a solid pine vintage coffee table I got at a tagsale, It suffered from what I'm coming to think of as 70's furniture syndrome. Dark, heavy, blah.

So I sanded the top to reveal the gorgeous pine planks, no stain, just poly to protect it, and then painted the legs a soft green. I just put the last coat of poly on it tonight and it is so smooth it practically glows.

Here's a very similar coffee table I also got at tagsale- suffered from the same 70's syndrome. I took this one darker and sleeker to make it feel more modern.

Black high gloss paint on the legs. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the top is a warm rich dark oak color. 

I got this standard boring dining table at the boy scouts tagsale in town this past weekend. 

along with this set of four solid pine vintage chairs...I had big plans for both ~

Tada! Less than 48 hours after buying them- black high gloss on the legs of the table and on the chairs- the top of the table, I'm not gonna lie, it's my best table yet. So SO SO smooth and the color is just right. I've started mixing the mini wax stains to get just the right richness in color.. It's a gorgeous set, but it took like 8 hours of solid labor. 

And no before pic on this set (I forget to take one!) but I got the coffee table at the flea market on Sunday, and I had the side table stowed away in the attic. They're both vintage 1940s-50s with cool legs and brass feet, and with a little paint, are now a perfect set!

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