Thursday, October 20, 2011

At the foot of the bed

To me, beds never look finished unless there is something anchoring the foot. Such a nice touch to put something practical and useful there. Whether its an antique blanket chest (to hold extra blankets of course!), or a nice vintage bench, its a great place to get a little creative, add a little color, texture, and personality to a bedroom. At the foot of my bed is a vintage coffee table made of pine slab. It had originally been stained the thick dark brown of almost all 1970s pine pieces. I sanded it for days, several hours at a time (this was before I had my fabulous new orbital sander). Finally I had an amazing organic and raw looking bench. All the wood grain was exposed and it looked like it had been picked fresh from the forest. It adds some serious rustic character to the room. (I'll add pictures if I can remember). In the mean time, here are some awesome ideas to inspire you!

one simple folding chair, but it speaks volumes

I'm not sure what it is, a chest? a box? Either way I love it, and the white brick!

the soft color of the 18th century chest allows the wall hanging and braided rug room to breathe

am struck by how much this looks like the vintage bench I just worked on. Very chic!

The dark weight of the antique chest anchors the room and keeps it from being too blah

Love the vintage grain bin as a unique option. They were put up on legs like that to keep the mice out.

the architectural details and chippy paint play up the wall color and balance the light shade of the bed.

Why not go big and bold!

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