Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A dash of color

I've noticed in the past five years that interior design has moved in a distinct direction towards white walls and muted colors. Generally, I'm good with this. White walls make a fine backdrop for bold items and decor. That being said, boy do I love a pop of brave color in a quiet room. Just a touch to let the world know you're not a vanilla decorator. My favorite way to do this? A chair. You can pick up a vintage wooden side chair so cheap at a flea market or tag sale, and just a few coats of paint= awesome hit of color. I actually have about six different vintage painted chairs in various colors that I rotate based on the season and my mood. I just painted a wonderful windsor chair emerald green for my holiday decor. Here are some great examples of bright chairs- Oh, and by the way- for a little fun, comment on this blog and tell me what room in your home could use a fabulous bright colored chair (and what color!) - I'll choose one person and give them a custom painted vintage chair in the color of their choice!

Here's a wonderful example with a sunny yellow

Acid yellow tough's up a sweet victorian side chair for this teen's room from style chronicle

Somewhere between pink and red and the perfect jolt for a muted palette here

Why not go for a whole chair set in fire engine red! link here

This room is just divine, and the vintage yellow chairs tie it all together.

Another whole room, modern meets rustic for a beautiful balance! 
And my newly painted green chair. Excuse the setting, it's currently stored in the attic with some other projects,  awaiting the big flip to Holiday decor on the main floors of the house. Sweet right? 

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  1. Ha, I'm probably too late, but I'll comment anyway... My dining room. Oh my sweet, boring, dining room. It could use an awesome tiffany blue vintage chair! (pale yellow walls... zzzzz)

    And I never even thought of REPAINTING seasonally! What a brilliant idea.