Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letters and numbers

Every time I see a good architectural salvage letter or number, I try hard to talk myself into buying it (I have yet to find good ones in my price range).
Oh how I admire them in decor, the bigger the better. Some people like to spell words, or stick with just one big letter. I would simply love to find a J, O, and Y and spell out joy on my mantle for the holiday decor. Probably a long shot. I'll keep my eye out, and in the mean time, let's all admire some great uses of vintage letters and numbers~

So cute for a kitchen or dining room

Combined with the chippy architectural headboard, the letters are shear brilliance

A fine collection of the letter T

Am loving the persimmon color of this N

Lovely fireplace, the Nest is so perfect and understated

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